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Formosan Business Support Ltd. (=FBS) is a service platform provides related business solutions of investing Formosa Taiwan or South and East Asia to SMEs. To avoid interest conflicts or competition with our clients, FBS does not have a brand name on any products.....

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Business Service

Looking for a breakthrough in your business? Interested in expanding current market to Asia? You have a share in the Taiwanese market? FBS helps you to make a smooth transition to the bright future. We offer the services to assist for making more precise decisions.

Business Consultancy

In order to survive in current competitive environment then make a big achievement, companies will need more analytic information to make the decision for the next step. Therefore, FBS offers a pack of solutions to instruct you into the right direction.

Other Services

Furthermore, FBS also offers some services to smoothen the process. That includes

News & Media

Say hello to the new Taiwanese
Say hello to the new Taiwanese

Taipei, April 23, 2017: The MOI pointed out that the nationality law had been revised in December 2016 to encourage foreign high-level professionals to become naturalized citizens.

Asian Silicon Valley plan to take Taiwan industries to the next level
Asian Silicon Valley plan to take Taiwan industries to the next level

Taipei, Apr. 2017: The “Asian Silicon Valley” plan is a major national effort that supports the government’s “five plus two” innovative industries program, and should be closely integrated with agriculture, machinery and biomedicine to maximize the synergies between industries.

Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program
Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program

Taipei, Apr. 2017: Premier Lin Chuan said the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program is intended to jumpstart the economy and fulfill the public’s expectation that the government will provide better infrastructure.