What is Formosan Business Support Ltd.?


Formosan Business Support Ltd. (=FBS) is a service platform provides related business solutions of investing Formosa Taiwan or South and East Asia to SMEs. To avoid interest conflicts or competition with our clients, FBS does not have a brand name on any products.

If you already have a business and like to reach the resources to invest in Taiwan or Asia.
You have a great business idea, but need a helpful hand and support.
You do not want to invest in Taiwan or Asia, but want to optimize your supply chain or network.

If you find yourself in one of these, then FBS is the right address. Since FBS focuses on such individuals and SMEs, one of the benefits MNEs (=multinational enterprises) might also gain from FBS is to outsource smaller tasks or cases which cost to open a department or section. Please check our corporate values and rules to see if you are qualified for FBS. For direct contact, please fill out our online form or fax us. We deliver designed solutions for your needs!

Corporate Value

  1. FBS serves only SMEs or individuals who
    • Follow and respect local and international laws and rules
    • Protect and contribute to the environment
    • Create jobs internally or externally
    • Innovative
    • Strong CSR
    • Open-minded and can accept human beings disregarding of their races, skin colors, religions and sexual- or political orientations
    • Contribute for the greater good of the society
  2. FBS may not be involved in crime, arms, drugs, animal trades or human trafficking.
  3. FBS is prohibited to support terrorism in any form.
  4. FBS may not support tax frauds or money laundry.
  5. FBS is committed to contribute to its members and the society as a whole by sharing profit and experiences.
  6. FBS must have strategic alliances and partnership with organizations, communities and individuals who share the goals, values and practice.