Who is Formosan Business Support Ltd.?


Formosan Business Support Ltd. (=FBS) is an independent corporation providing business services of business support for market entry, product development, project management and procurement to other private businesses to enter the Asia-Pacific from and to the island of Ilha Formosa, broadly known as Taiwan, or to Greater China, North (Japan, Korea) and South-East Asia. FBS is the market leader particular in central and southern part of the island by being physically presence in the cities of Kaohsiung (3rd largest city, biggest port, center of heavy industries and chemicals) and Taichung (center of local SMEs, biking, spare parts, machinery and aerospace).

FBS might be right for you, if you:

plan to enter the Asian market from the scratch. We will find out if your product and services are needed and help you to localize.
need supplies via R&D, customized or a project based solution for your home market. The niche and unique the better.
got already business connections, partners, agents and plan to do the next step further to be better represented. Then we can be your partner on your side along by checking and optimizing, developing an efficient strategy!

If you find yourself in one of these, then FBS is the right address. Since FBS is a private limited corporation completely immune to outside influences (by only having two shareholders) we are the most neutral institution in the market. We learn from our clients the needs of the project and we deliver designed solutions for your needs!

Top Management of FBS

A strongly service driven company like FBS depends on a strong team. Our team as a whole can can deliver the best service. Here we only mention the key members of our team. 

Charline Tsao, CEO and director of Formosan Business Support  Charline Tsao, CEO and Director of FBS

Charline Tsao is one of the first females who graduated from the island's elite university in engineering. She received her master degree in global marketing at TiasNimbas in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has 12 years of working experiences in global chemical engineering, 4G modem technology and various manufacturing management. Her language skills are Chinese Mandarin, English and Taiwanese.


Director of International Project, Manuel Zehr. Manuel Zehr, General Manager of International Projects

Manuel Zehr, majored in Japanese Management at the University of Applied Science Bremen and Business Administration at Soochow University in Taipei. He collected working experiences in Japan, Central Asia, South Korea, China and in total 14 years in global business development and international project management. He speaks English, German, Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean.

Dr. Faruchi Amini , PhD of future science FU Berlin Dr. Faruchi Amini, Phd of future Science FU Berlin, Project Division

Dr. Amini is Germany's first graduated in future analytic science at FU Berlin. His analytic methods of predicting the future development of projects, markets and products are of essential value for our organization and clients, particular in creating a science-based technique to select the best possible strategy for clients' future business development.

EMBA Daniel Gruber, e-commerce and artificial intelligence expertDaniel Gruber, Sales Division

Mr. Gruber's expertise is on high-tech start-ups, artificial intelligence and e-commerce. For FBS he's essential of building up those start-ups, but also in assisting developing e-commerce on a global scale and recently pushing forward projects in relations to articifial intelligence which are currently undergoing in education, tourism, ocean research and security surveillance.

FBS Partner Network

FBS keeps its core competence and expertise, since the island of Formosa is the hub bridge between the developed Northeast Asian nations of Japan and Korea and Southeast Asian (ASEAN) with emerging markets, FBS has developed a strong partner network based on experiences and mutual trust of the years. Here are our strong bond partners by country:


Founded in Singapore in 2008 by Dr. Frank Siegfried, Black Moon is a company that specializes in advisory & executive development in a cross-cultural context.



Daniel Nyffenberger is a Korea expert. He arrived at a time in Seoul (90s shortly after the Asian economic crisis) when expats were not even allowed to build any business, but an liaison office of a Swiss bank there. Since Korea's economy is only built on its large industrial conglomerates ( 재벌 ), it is important to have a partner who understands the needs of international SMEs.

FBS Mayor Mile Stones

2012: In hanseatic town of Bremen, Germany, Far-East Trading Agency was founded. Representing various SMEs in the trade shows.
2013: Supporting Chandler GmbH for local project management in Seoul at Hyundai Engineering and Construction, Thermalpower project in Talimarjan.
2014: Representing InterMax Project Logistics Solutions in Taiwan and events in Europe.
2015: Formosan Business Support Corporation Limited was officially founded.
2016: FBS specialized itself into renewable energy by attending as one of the first companies attending offshore wind energy seminars.

Our Mission

FBS mayor goal is always to bring the best of Europe to the Asia Pacific Region and  in opposite way to Europe. We carefully select our customers. Money is not as important as trust and reputation to FBS. We prefer working with the best of the best.

Meaning we only bring in companies, products and projects which are relevant for the market to create a real win-win situation.

Clients opinion

Since FBS has a strong reputation to keep. Let us listen to one of our European client's testimony: