• Who is Formosan Business Support Ltd. (FBS)?

    FBS is a private limited enterprise which main goal is to help international companies to settle down in the Asia-Pacific market starting from the island of Ilha Formosa (Taiwan). Normally there is a learning process between FBS and client before actual kicking off the project, because FBS needs to understand the client and the nature of the business before it can design solutions to customer's needs.

  • Why choosing the name Formosan Business Support?

    As some people might already know the name “Taiwan” is highly controversial since the international status of the main island Taiwan, Penghu islands, Kinmen and Matsu never have been solved after the World War II. Before 1949 (relocation of the Republic of China exile government) to the upper maintain geographic names, Taiwan was know as Ilha Formosa (originally given by Portuguese crew on a Dutch trading in the 17th century). This Portuguese name was officially used by the Dutch East Indian Corporation and even General Douglas Macarthur used them during World War II and allied invasion against Japan (at that time Ilha Formosa was a prefecture of the Japan Empire). In the aftermath of the civil war between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), Taiwan has been claimed by both governments to be a province and part of China, but not as a country. FBS doesn’t have any political stand on this. In order to avoid any political or copyright issue, we choose to use the name Formosan, because it is not claimed by any government or company since the end of the Dutch East Indian Corporation.

  • Does FBS serve in mainland China (PRC=People’s Republic of China)?


    East Asia and Pacific Region includes three of the world’s 10 largest economies: China, Japan, and Indonesia. These economies accounted for almost two-fifths of global growth in 2015, more than twice the combined contribution of all other emerging regions. Among them, China leads the region’s emerging economies which have been supporting the modest global recovery since the global financial crisis. In order to catch China's economy booming, FBS also provides business support in China and so far has made a hospital chain successful in the market.


  • Is FBS limited on Ilha Formosa (Taiwan) only?

    No, but it is our core competence. Of course as a bridge hub between North-East Asia (Japan and Korea) and South-East Asia the island is directly and directly connected to various trade, projects and all sorts of businesses.

  • How can FBS manage the challenges of such tasks?

    FBS has its own team of experienced experts and a long-term tested network of suppliers. All over the Asia-Pacific Region we have a partner network team.

    Besides all that, all tasks are focused only on one thing only: Make the business success happens!

  • What is the great advantage of hiring FBS?

    Please let us explain in short listings:

    1. One interface instead of many makes communication efficient.
    2. Having an extended reach for your business into the Asia-Pacific region with FBS as the representative of your interests.
    3. FBS has on site project managers which means there will be on site supervising, controlling and reporting to you all the time about the progress. Giving you all options and selections.
    4. Legal protection, project control and limited risk.
    5. Be presented in a different time zone.
    6. Overcome language and culture barriers.
    7. FBS can test waters on your behalf. Let us test if the market has demand for your product or services first.
    8. FBS is performance and quality driven. If a client really thinks it is not the case, he or she can terminate the project within 30 days. So far it never happened.
    9. Having a partner of mutual trust on a long-term relationship.


  • What is FBS relationship with various governments?

    FBS has no relationship with any government or government agency at all, because don't allow politics to interfere with commercial interests of our clients.

  • Who are FBS’s competitor?

    In simple words on the island of Formosa FBS has no real competitor.

    There are a few freelancers who provide all sorts of services, but not as a corporation based on a legal contract.

    FBS does a complete business service packages.

    There are government agencies, both domestic and international ones, but their service is only related to the satisfaction and needs of their respected governments.

    FBS lives only from its professional services provided to its client, if FBS encounters a problem it will be solved together.

    All our clients have the right to quit contracts. So far, we only experienced client's wishes to extend co-operation to an indefinite contract term.

  • Tell me one thing only FBS does and nobody else

    FBS is experienced and enthusiastic to create new projects and build business with the client together:

    1. Renewable energy : offshore wind energy, geothermal power energy, tidal power and green energy storage.
    2. Eco-mobility: electric vehicles from scooter to bus.
    3. Artificial Intelligence: Project initiator and inverter.
    4. Start-Ups: besides providing standard services we also help to find angel investors and venture capitalist.
    5. Event services: Joining or representing our client at international or local events by adapting material and arranging meeting long ahead of the event.
  • How does FBS get paid?

    In order to support our customers efficiently, we design cases to be billed in hours (like factory audits), projects (like product development) and also in monthly-based (like market development more than 6 months).