• What is Formosan Business Support Ltd. (FBS)?

    FBS is a business support company which means it supports other businesses by their business activities and projects related in, from and to Taiwan (Ilha Formosa). This could be a company in the progress of building a branch or Asian headquarter in Taiwan, an individual who is looking for a flat and office space who needs help at the beginning in Taiwan (Ilha Formosa) or in the region (North-East or South-East Asia).
    FBS will consult and execute customers’ needs which can be pure consultancy, building process (coaching) or expanding business scale or maintaining business and projects.
    It purely supports customers’ needs.
    FBS functions like the OEM/ ODM of business industry, meaning it professionally serves other organizations or individuals.

  • Why choosing the name Formosan Business Support?

    As some people might already know the name “Taiwan” is highly controversial since the international status of the main island Taiwan, Penghu islands, Kinmen and Matsu never have been solved after the World War II.
    Before 1949 (relocation of the Republic of China exile government) to the upper maintain geographic names, Taiwan was know as Ilha Formosa (originally given by Portuguese crew on a Dutch trading in the 17th century). This Portuguese name was officially used by the Dutch East Indian Corporation and even General Douglas Macarthur used them during World War II and allied invasion against Japan (at that time Ilha Formosa was a prefecture of the Japan Empire). In the aftermath of the civil war between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), Taiwan has been claimed by both governments to be a province and part of China, but not as country.
    FBS doesn’t have any political stand on this. In order to avoid any political or copyright issue, we choose to use the name Formosan, because it is not claimed by any government or company since the end of the Dutch East Indian Corporation.

  • Does FBS serve in mainland China (PRC=People’s Republic of China)?

    No, because it is a too big market. Based on our experience and information is the China too big for most SMEs including the ones from Taiwan (Ilha Formosa). Big organizations have their own resources and no need for companies like FBS. FBS is focused on start-up and SMEs.

  • Is FBS limited in Taiwan (Ilha Formosa) only?

    No, FBS is based in the south of Taiwan (Ilha Formosa) 2nd largest City Kaohsiung or also known under its Japanese name Takao. It is the biggest port of Ilha Formosa and has an international airport. Most investments are from Japan and the US, while the Republic of Korea is the 3rd largest investor. Investments from Takao mostly go into south-east Asia like Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar (before named Burma) and Indonesia.

  • How can FBS manage the challenges of such tasks?

    FBS has in its top management a team of Asian-European experienced with experiences running business activities in three continents including Asia, Europe and America. FBS is perfectly connected with the local industries and suppliers either on mutual-trust or legal contract base. We carefully choose our partners and supplier based on very high standards.
    We scan the local market for you and give you the choice of selecting of what might be best in your interests.
    Since all FBS managers lived for a long-time abroad for life, studying and career, we have local experts either in Europe and Asia with the same standards as we do. If the project suddenly starts to grow fast, FBS has a huge HR pool for long-term or short-time hire.

  • What is the great advantage of hiring FBS?

    Please let us explain in short listings:

    1. One contact window instead of many makes communication efficient.
    2. Our Customer is always in control of the business or project without being physically in Taiwan (Ilha Formosa), Asia or Europe.
    3. FBS has on site project managers which means there will be on site supervising, controlling and reporting to you all the time about the progress. Giving you all options and selections.
    4. Paying one bill instead of many saves you time and money.
    5. Outsourcing to us makes it possible for you to be at different locations at the same time. No need to hire extra staffs that need to be trained first.
    6. FBS has its own lawyer in Taiwan (Ilha Formosa) and abroad. Guaranteeing you so much loyalty and legality as possible.
    7. FBS is not limited to one nation or language. We serve all who meet our corporate standard of legality and moral.


  • Does FBS also serve governments, large organizations and enterprises?

    Yes, there are some services like management optimization and competitive future analytic analysis which might be in the interests of larger organizations. For more information please check our service and consulting section.