The Reason to Invest


Ilha Formosa (Taiwan) locates in the middle of Pacific Rim.
Taiwan is an island in the south of Japan, in the north of the Philippines and in the east of China.


The major cities in Asia are accessible within couple hours of flight.

Destinations Flight Duration
Bangkok, Thailand 3.75 hrs
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2 hrs
Hong Kong 1.5 hrs
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4.0 hrs
New Deli, India 5.75 hrs
Seoul, South Korea 2.5 hrs
Shanghai, China 2 hrs
Singapore 4.5 hrs
Tokyo, Japan 3 hrs

Asian Tigers

Economic Indicators
Item\Year 2013 2014 2015 2016
GDP (Billion US$) 511.28 529.60 519.0  
Economic Growth Rate (%) 2.20 3.92 0.75 1.47 (f)
Total Trade Value (Billion US$) 575.33 587.71 508.99  
Total Exports (Billion US$) 305.44 313.69 280.38  
Annual Change Rate (%) 1.41 2.70 -10.62  
Total Imports (Billion US$) 269.89 271.02 228.62  
Annual Change Rate (%) -0.21 1.53 -16.57  
Trade Balance (Billion US$) 35.54 39.70 51.77  
No. of Labor Force (Million) 10.97 11.10 11.20 11.24 (f)
Unemployment Rate (%) 4.18 3.96 3.78 3.91 (f)


International airports are from south to north of the island.

High Speed Rail across the east coast, from south to north takes only 2 hours.

Train railways, highways and freeways across the whole country.

Human Resource

A higher education system includes vocational schools and universities. The quality of labor force in Taiwan ranges from fresh graduated to senior professionals.

Global & Regional Statuses

In obscene of diplomatic ties with all major nations including the USA, EU and Asian nations, Ilha Formosa Taiwan gained a special status as economic power house in the WTO, APEC and has economic, cultural exchanges through various trade offices with all major nations. Making it to the Switzerland of Asia by without direct military conflict, with any neighbor besides PR China, which claims to represent all of China, suppressing the one China claim by the Republic of China. Currently under the so called "status quo" Ilha Formosa has a deep business, cultural and private ties with its region and the world. It has full membership such as WTO, APEC and various other trade and financial related organisations.

People & Safety

Folk is one the main factors of building this island beautiful. People here are friendly and helpful. Also, Taiwan is a very safe country and violent crime against foreigners is a rare occurrence. Expats in Taiwan, particularly in metropolitan areas, should exercise basic precautions as in any large city, such as being aware of personal belongings in crowded markets. It is safe to walk around or catch public transport at night, but should be done with company while avoiding isolated areas.